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Outstanding discussions with pioneers in the world of international marketing and media: That is both the mission and the benchmark of this digital digtatorship. As an independent media magazine based in Munich, we report on the influence of rapidly growing digitalization within the economy, society and culture. Our editorial team, made up of 28 journalists, is continually on the hunt for business pioneers, thought leaders and freethinkers. Our editorial choices follow a simple rule: We only talk to those in the media who really have something to say. This is not an easy task in an industry where the plans and ideas of many are often just pipe dreams. But as Hermann Hesse put it, we have to try the impossible to achieve the possible. Whether we’ll succeed with this endeavor remains to be seen. If so, then feel free to applaud us. And if not, then voice your anger and direct your criticism at our Digtator in person:

Digtator Online Magazin
Thomas Escher – Chief Editor
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The private  thoughts of a digtator rarely fall into the hands of the public. But we are different! We publish forthright digtatorial marketing columns and essays directly from the heart of the editorial team. For you that means just one thing: Read! Now!

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